Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick and Easy Manicure

Sometimes bare nails tend to look quite dull or develop a yellowy tinge from nail varnish use or just general wear and tear. Clear nail varnish often only adds a shine to this colour rather than helping to make the nail look cleaner and healthier.

My quick solution to this problem is to add a drop of scarlet red or cherry red nail
varnish like this one:

...to a clear nail varnish bottle using the red varnish brush.

Shake the bottle well to make sure the mixture has fully mixed. You should have enough to have turned the liquid a transparent red colour. You should be still able to see the nail brush through the liquid.

Apply one to two coats of the varnish to your nails depending on how strong a pinky tinge you are looking for on your nails and VOLIA!

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