Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The most used beauty product in my makeup bag is my Bourjois Little Round Pot eyeshadow in a champagne like 'beige rose' colour:

...Hence the lack of a lid on my own little pot... hehe.

Anyways, I use it as a highlighter on:
  • the lid of my eye before applying any other colour
  • the inner corner of my eye
  • just under my eyebrow
to help me look more fresh eyed and awake.

Check out the difference between my eyes:

With the highlighting:

...and without:

Keep in mind that this product can also be used:

  1. To highlight cheekbones when used on a fluffy brush to give a dewy appearance to your face.
  2. To define your nose and make it appear thinner by applying a thin line down your nose with a small brush.

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