Thursday, August 22, 2013

The most impressive, long lasting eyeliner yet!

It's been a while since I've been blogging as I have been ever so slightly distracted by other work based projects, but I have made a discovery recently of a product I couldn't help but share with everyone! 

On a recent trip to Spain, I decided to spend some quality time exploring Sephora, a store which (to the best of my knowledge!) can not be found either in Ireland or in the UK. I made a couple of purchases, but the one I was most excited about waaaaasss... 
Sephora's waterproof eyeliners!
Now the idea of this to me while on holidays was pretty appealing. I mean, generally when I go to the beach/pool etc, I feel pretty naked without makeup on as I find my eyes kind of disappear without liner. There is no other makeup product that I feel this way about so I really thought I had struck gold here. 
HOWEVER, I was a little disappointed to discover that this pencil does not really stand up all that well to water. Swimming seemed to have been a bit much for it to handle. Then again, I find when swimming it is nearly impossible not to rub your eyes at some point and good luck finding any eyeliner that can stand up to that when combined with water!

You may ask why I am raving about this product if this is the case... Well, in all other scenarios, this pencil comes out trumps: 

1. It really does last a really long time, even when it is hot and your skin gets oily.

2. It is SO easy to use. Really smudgeable and easy to blend. Usually I find kohl pencils can be easy to smudge, but then wear off within an hour and also end up ALL over your eye, so this is something I am excited about!

3. The shade I have is '13, Tiramisu Brown' and I love this as an eyebrow filler. (Keep in mind that I have very dark eyebrows and this may not suit everyone!) Basically I just draw in a few lines from my arch to the end of my brow and then brush through my brows to soften the lines and blend it in. Now, in terms of swimming, I found it really lasted well on my eyebrows. (Could this be because I was not rubbing them as much as my eyes??) It is also amazing to wear in a normal, day to day setting as it lasts really well, unlike some other powders and pencils I have used in the past. 

I also purchased a waterproof jumbo liner with the intention of wearing it as a base for eyeshadow and a highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes and under my brows.
This product failed to impress me as much. It  is pretty useless as an eyeshadow/base because it creases pretty much straight away and I find it gets a little clumpy in my eye's inner corner. It's not TERRIBLE to wear as a highlighter, but I wouldn't wear it as one when not intending on doing something water related!
Let me know if you have tried either of these products lately! 

Until next time! 

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