Monday, June 20, 2011

Lining up a storm...

Liquid eyeliner is a contraversial topic amongst makeup wearers. The effect it creates is strong, cleancut, longlasting and artistic however the application process terrifies many. My top tips for flawless application is...
  1. Apply before any other product is applied to eyelid.
  2. Apply liner liberally as close to top lash line as possible. (Don't worry about mistakes!)
  3. Use a make up remover wipe to quickly sweep over the eye and take off the excess liner. A thin line will be left along the lashline. (If you dont have a wipe, a clean finger swiped along the line while it is still wet will also do the job!)

  4. To tidy up this line, add a flick to the edge of your top lash to finish off the line at the outer edge of the eye.
Let me know how this tip works out for you!

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